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​​Buying a home is the second-most stressful event in our lives. That's what the studies say. But when you buy or sell with us, we aim to make it a piece of cake. 

Don't go it alone. We're the best in the business--friendly, knowledgeable, and capable--and waiting to help you today. We assist first time home buyers along with present home owners with mortgages, credit counseling, credit repair and limited financial consulting along with informational classes and seminars that we host.

When you sit down for the first time with an agent from Capp Realty Company, we have a casual discussion about what you are seeking and how we can get you there. While things like bedrooms and bathrooms are important, we want to know more - what are your long-term goals? What draws you to a particular town or neighborhood? What does your family love to do and how can a new home help you do more of it? A good real estate agent doesn't just try to sell you a home, we want to match you up with the right home for you, your family and your future.

Rather than spend our time building a large corporate image, we have spent time building up our customers and helping them achieve their goals and dreams.  Capp Realty Company has focused on being service-driven while never losing site of the needs of our clients who have supported us over the last 50+ years. Our past success ensures our future success.